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Masjid, Islamic Centres, Charity Organisations Digitalization Program:


The purpose of this program is to assist Masjids, Islamic centres, Muslim Charity organisations achieve complete online presence to effectively communicate and empower the regular community members in their respective communities that they operate in Australia.

Note: This program at this point in time is available only for Masjids, Islamic Community Organisations & Muslim Community based charity organisations.


The sole objective of this program is to empower and make Masjids, Islamic centres & Muslim community charity organisations capable enough to effectively communicate both within the communities that they operate in and also to the broader Australian community.

By assisting in achieving complete digitalisation we would help these organisations to focus more on the excellent work they do in developing the communities that they operate in and waste less time getting distracted from the core purpose of their very existence.

We believe this is one of the best ways to contribute and give back to the community.


We will achieve this by providing the required expertise at a very, very highly subsidised cost to Masjids, Islamic centres, organisations and community-based charity organisation.

We believe that this will empower these organisations to effectively communicate with their respective community members and serve the core purpose of their respectively organisations.

We will offer a complete end to end package to these organisations which will provide complete digitalisation which includes but not limited to.

What it includes...?
Domain Registration + Web Hosting
5 Email Id’s
Logo Design
5-10 Pages Professional Website Domain Hosting
CMS - Administer your website with easy interface
Prayer Times Configuration
Mobile Responsive Design
Social Media Icons
Fundraising and Donation
Google Maps Integration
Search Engine Friendly
and many more..

An online application submission portal has been developed to facilitate interested Masjids, Islamic Centres, Muslim Community Based Charity Organisations to submit the application at their ease whenever & from where ever.

If your organisation is interested in taking advantage of this assistance program, please complete the online Application form and we will get in touch with you soon.

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