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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

February 1, 2019 | admin

Every business knows how important social media marketing for them is - it’s rare to find a company that doesn’t see the value in posting on at least the key social channels. But even so, brands often underrate its power. They set up their account to tick the ‘social media marketing’ box, and then they go about posting impulsively, or not at all.

Creating a social media marketing strategy for 2019 should be a top priority for any business that either doesn’t have a strategy or has not taken the time to update an existing one. While some might feel that an existing strategy will be sufficient, 2018 was a year of constant evolutions and change in the marketplace which has left many strategies outdated and in need of a refresh. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we have created extremely simple steps for creating an effective social media marketing plan that can help your business thrive in 2019.

Social media strategy

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Start with the goals – With any plans in business, it all starts by defining the goals you wish to accomplish. Our recommendation is to focus on the biggest challenges first and the main purpose behind your use of social media for a business. Sometimes it is about growing followers on specific channels, or the goal might be focused around becoming an industry-leading voice within a niche on a channel and increasing brand awareness.

Businesses wish to increase ROI, drive sales, or create a more loyal customer base. Whatever the goal is being set, make sure that they are attainable, reasonable, and affordable. if you have a large goals then it should be broken down into smaller segments so that they can be effectively attacked. For example, growing a social media account by 100,000 followers is a very large goal that could be reduced to adding 10,000 followers per month with different strategies used each month to meet theoverall goal.

2. In-depth research – Research should always be your top most priority. it helps to know your audience. Audience Insights like Demographics and data points are great starting points for research and can be Filled in with social media and analytical tools to gain important insights about a target audience and can be used to shape a strategy. For example, Platforms such as Facebook will be more effective based on the target demographic for creating engagement. There are many analytics tools, social media dashboards, and analytics that should be used on a regular basis to not only understand the audience for the initial strategy, but to stay above your competitors which might then require as an adjustment in your strategy as well.

3. Determine critical measures – Along with research, you need to practice having continual analysis this is how you can determine the effectiveness of any given campaign and the overall strategy. This starts with understanding which measures should be used to track progress. Just looking at page likes, follows & Post Engagement is not enough. There are many other measures that should be tracked to understand engagement such as reach, clicks, hashtag performance, or sentiment. Take the time to do use in-depth analytic and reporting tools to fully understand what can be tracked, what should be tracked, and what the numbers mean so that you can understand your strategy if its not only effective but also helping you meet your goals. There are a numerous great social media marketing tools out there which can help with tracking and analyzing information.

4. Analyze the competition – To create an effective strategy possible, it is important to understand what your competitors are doing so that you understand what works for them (also what doesn’t) to make an effective plan. In some cases, brain storming ideas and concepts might be useful while in others it might be a much better strategy to set you apart by using a different style, content, and voice on social media. There are a numerous tools available to track platform content and activity by the competition which can help provide insights about what their audience likes and wants; information which can be insightful in understanding what your audience might then want as well.

5. Decide on content topics – One struggle that many social media marketers face is finding consistency in content when you post regularly. Typically, the first few weeks and months are the easiest. Because everything is fresh and new, but at some point, marketing can and will hit the ground. It is at this point where having established content topics can really save the day because they provide a framework for consistency. Different platforms can use different topics to help establish a precise identity on that platform along with offering a starting point for every post because there is a specific box the topic falls. Topics can adjust over time such as quarterly or for a new campaign as well.

6. Create amazing content – Content is always the King, Ever Heard of it. Creating great content is not easy which is why there are so many blogs out there about discussing habits of effective content creators. Most Useful type of content includes info graphics, logos, press releases, pitches, whitepapers, case studies, landing page, SEO pages and blog posts—each of which serves a different purpose one of the keys for any type of content on social media is to aim for timeliness. Therefore, it is important to focus on interacting and responding with the audience which is why the quality of content posts is important.

7. Review consistently and look to improve – While this step is obviously logical it is also regularly forgotten. It is unrealistic to expect that a campaign or strategy will always be the perfect out the gate. Rather than getting upset when an idea is not working, instead plan on regularly analyzing and improving each campaign along with the overall strategy. If you are not analyzing then how will you ever know how effective one campaign is compared to the next? Social media by default is trial-and-error which is why this step is very important in the overall success of any plan.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that having a strategy in place is far more practical that not having one. Our guide on how to make a good social media marketing strategy for 2019 provides a pleasant beginning framework for businesses that either desires a thought or is trying to update an obsolete one

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