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3# Awesome Web Design Trends : Why We Love Web Design And You Should Too !!

December 21, 2018 | admin

The trends of new designs predict what changes we can see on the web throughout the year. But why is design so striking and how does it influence companies?Minimalism as A Design TrendMost individuals receive visual stimuli in various versions throughout the day. These visual impacts are what allow us to identify elements related to a certain fashion, both when dressing and entering different web pages of companies in the same sector.So, for example, we found that there is a clear trend when designing the e-commerce pages of the great clothing brands in the world. Let's see the case of Mango and Zara!MANGOZARA Both Mango and ZARA are defined by a great image and direct links to the different spaces with products. The image is used to communicate relevant content for the user such as sales or the announcement of the new season. A few other elements are well-combined so that the users can manage without any problems while navigating through the e-commerce store.Flat Design Vs. Material DesignFollowing the line of minimalism applied to illustration, a flat design emerges as a new way of communicating through images. Some of the main characteristics of this type of designare that it uses bright colors and simple and schematic lines to convey ideas.The material design, meanwhile, was developed by Google to change the display of its applications for Android. Specially designed for digital environments, the material design seeks to create in-depth effects with illuminations and shadows to make the different applications and web spaces more usable.The design becomes even more useful if it allows you to increase certain figures such as the time spent on the web, the number of conversions or a decrease in the bounce rate of your company's website.Animations On the Websites of Large CompaniesBringing more dynamism to web pages is one of the major design challenges to increase the time users spend on a specific web page. Among the latest actions that we have seen in some websites, we find that videos in the main slider or icons that appear on the highlighted image in addition to color changes get the most attention of the visitors.For example, on the Nestlé Spain website, we can see a dynamic main slider that advances every few minutes. It also includes texts and buttons that bring dynamism to the page.NESTLE SPAINVolkswagen Spain also takes another step in the animation of its website and uses the parallax effect to mix different layers and make its cars appear on the website’s main page.VOLKSWAGEN SPAINThese are simple examples, but you can also find websites that integrate animations and videos to create menus and interact with the page by clicking on the different available elements. This is the case of Regnskogfondet or the Rainforest Foundation Norway. Its website integrates video, audio and a way to present different information in a unique and out-of-the-box way.Sources of Inspiration for Design Trends: InstagramCurrently, Instagram is one of the most influential social networks in the field of design and photography. Its millions of users share images daily with designs, artistic approaches,and ideas that little by little, transcend and influence other creative minds. Some fascinating accounts to follow on Instagram and detect design trends that can serve as a reference are:IgersAcademia is responsible for training other Instagram users. Each of the team members that have this account has a profile with a characteristic and very personal style. Following this Instagram account is sure to help you come up with creative web design ideas for your website.In the same vein, @pablodemartin is known on the web for his photographs of puddles for every city he treads. @rodrigorivasph prefers black and white photos with a lot of contrast and @kpturashas a more surrealistic profile. He creates environments and incredible photographs, thanks to different applications that allow you to create special effects in your images.Adobe has multiple tools for editing photographs and designing illustrations that make your profile combine different types of images that can serve as an inspiration for new creations.Bottom LineDeciding to redesign your website and as a result, revamp your business is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a process that needs a lot of planning, time and money.At ITAspects, we get organizations and businesses that want to redesign their corporate website without knowing why. They come with a plethora of reasons such as,“It's been a long time since we have the same look,” “the boss would like to have a new one,” “we do not like the current one,” “our competition has just launched a new website”etc. Although these are reasons enough to want to redesign your website, none of them are valid.Redesigning the website of your brand or business has to be the product of a need and a strategy to improve your online presence. It must have reasons behind “wanting to change” instead of being driven by any other ideas.Your company's website is the center of your online business. It has to be taken care of, updated regularly and that too, without any error. You have to get conversions, be "user-friendly" and get favorable results. Because if your website is not doing all that for you, why have it at all?Do you think your business website needs a substantial redesigning and revamping? Check out our website and analyze everything we have discussed in this article. If your website has one (or more than one) of these problems, redesign it to solve them!We have already seen that it is not an easy task because it takes time, knowledge and money. That is precisely why we recommend that you leave the strategy and redesign of your website to professionals who can advise and help you. Visit https://itaspects.com.au/ and change the way you run your business today!

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